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3 Powerful Tennis Serve Tips

A strong serve can make a good tennis player in a great one and a great tennis player into a dominating one. If you want to be able to hit a serve as well as Andy Roddick, John Isner, or Roger Federer, remember these tennis serve tips.

Work on Accuracy, then Incorporate Strength

The strongest first serve is useless if you fault every time. Make sure that you can land the ball in the service box on a regular basis before you start adding power to your serve, and if you find yourself hitting the ball too hard to be accurate, scale back a bit until your accuracy catches up. Practicing your serves on a regular basis will help you hit your serves accurately and with power on a consistent basis.

One good drill to work on your serve accuracy is to set up cones in the service box and to aim at them with your serves. Try to land your serves on top of the cones, or as close to them as possible.

Don’t Ignore the Ball Toss

One of the most overlooked, but most important aspects of a serve is the ball toss. Whether you’re going to hit a slice or topspin, across court or down the center line, every serve begins with a toss. Start by lining your fully outstretched arm up with the net post. Move your arm upwards and release the ball, don’t toss it or jerk your wrist to add momentum, once it reaches eye level. This will cause the ball to come out of your hand and move a bit forwards into the court, adding momentum and speed to your serve.

One good drill to practice your serve is to place a bucket in front of, just a bit into the court, and to toss balls over and over until you can get them to land in the bucket consistently.

Use the Proper Stance

Like the ball toss, your stance is an often overlooked but an important aspect of any serve. Start with your feet should width apart, your front foot angled into the court at forty-five degrees, and your back foot parallel to the baseline. This stance is known as the “party stance” and is used by a number of professional players. The pinpoint stance is another popular stance used by players at all levels. Start with your feet only a few inches apart but your feet angled similarly to the party stance.

The party stance generally makes it easier to transfer your weight forward during the serve while the pinpoint stance is better for getting up and hitting the tennis ball with more power. Which stance you use will depend on your personal preference as well as what kind of serve you are looking to hit.

Being on the serve is an advantage and a powerful and accurate serve can help you make the most of that advantage. Keep these tennis serve tips in mind if you are looking to make your serve even better.