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Serving is one of the most fundamental skills in tennis and it’s one that all players should spend a lot of time working on and practising in order to better their game.

And to help players to do just that we’ve compiled a detailed list below of some of the most effective and useful tennis serving drills out there that’ll help players to work on their serve and to perfect it in no time!


Tennis Serve DrillsTo perform this tennis drill both service courts must be divided into two halves. The player must then serve a ball into each half beginning from left to right.

First the player tries to hit four serves with one in each half of the court. Then they must try to hit two serves into each half of the court. And finally they must try to hit three into each half of the court.

If the player misses a serve then they must start from the beginning again.


This drill is designed to help players to develop a good top spin serve.

To perform the drill get a bucket of balls and then stand at the baseline with your back up almost against the wall or fence on the outside. Your goal is to then serve the ball into the correct service box using all spin.

Try to use as much arc as possible by spinning the ball but don’t use your legs at all to help with the serve. You want to only use your arm and wrist for your serves!


Here’s a tennis serving drill that will help players to work on their serving accuracy.

To perform it simply grab a basket of balls and then set up a pyramid of balls at all four corners of the court. Next serve and try to aim for one of the pyramids of balls.

This will teach you to concentrate on a target and also helps you to serve deeper into the service box.


Here’s a fun serving drill that requires a group of players.

Start the drill by dividing the team into two groups and have each time position themselves on opposite baselines prepared to serve. If players are of varying skill level try to incorporate both experienced players and beginner players into both team so that they are fairer.

Then each player from one team must serve at the same time and the coach should take note of the number of serves that are performed well and convert that into a percentage (so if 8 out of 10 players successfully serve that’s 80%). This is then followed by the other team all performing their serves at the same time with the coach once again taking not of the number of successful serves which is once again converted into a percentage.

Then the team with the highest percentage of successful serves is allowed to steal a player from the other team. The drill then continues on until one team has stolen all of the players.