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If you’re looking to improve your forehand skills then you’ve come to the right place because below you’ll find a selection of powerful and extremely effective tennis forehand drills that will help any tennis player whether they are a beginner of a pro to improve on their tennis forehand hitting skills.


Tennis Forehand DrillsThis drill is extremely simple but it’s also one of the best tennis forehand drills out there because it not only help on your forehand skills but will improve a players speed, footwork and ability to move back to accept a serve.

To perform the up and back overhead drill players must stand in opposite courts facing each other with one player standing at the center of the service line whist the other player stands at the center end.

Then to start the drill the player that is standing at the center end must hit the ball to the serve line of the other player and that player must then try to hit it at such a height that it forces the other player to lean back and to reach up to hit the ball.

Then after several hits players should swap positions and repeat the process.


This drill will not only help players to work on their forehand skills but will help them with their endurance and stamina so that they are capable of running for long periods of time on the court (which is particularly useful during really long rallies!).

To perform this drill one player should be positioned on one side of the court at the center of the baseline and the other player should be positioned on the other side of the court at the center between the sideline and vertical center service line.

Then the player that is stationed at the center of the baseline should feed the ball to anywhere on the court followed by the other player then feeding the ball to exactly where the other player is. By doing this the player that is remaining in the same spot is able to develop their accuracy whilst the other player that is moving all over the court is developing their stamina.


Here’s another forehand drill that’s a lot of fun and gets players into a competitive mood.

To play points for depth a line must first be placed between the baseline and the service line so that the backcourt is divided into two parts.

Then each time a ball bounces behind that line gets two points and every ball that lands behind the service line but in front of the other line gets one point. Any shots that land inside of the service box get zero points.

Players should rally until one of the players reaches fifty points who is then declared the winner.


Most tennis matches are won by the person that is able to hit less unforced errors which means that if a player can successfully hit the ball over more times than their competition they are the most likely to win the game.

Furthermore most players miss the net way too often and for many players the net is a bigger enemy to them than even their opponent is. But thankfully to help players to hit more balls over the net and miss less there is one simple thing that you can do and that’s to use a higher net!

To do this you can simply add a pole to each end of the net and then attaching some rope to each end pole so that you have a new visual “higher net” to aim for. Practicing with this new higher net often will dramatically improve a players ability to hit over the net which as a result will improve their overall game too.