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3 Must Try Tennis Exercises

Just like any athlete tennis players must keep themselves in top physical condition. Matches at the highest level can last five hours or longer. If you want to work on your strength and conditioning then try some of these effective tennis exercises.

Dynamic Warm Up

When people think of stretching out before doing something that involves physical activity they often think of someone trying to touch their toes, standing still and rotating their shoulders, or other static stretches. Dynamic warmups however are much more effective than static ones because they get your muscles moving and raise your core temperature while you stretch.

Start by jogging a few laps of the court while rotating your arms, changing the arm rotation direction each lap. Then shuffle sideways up and down the court while swinging your arms across your chest. Next do a few laps of the court bringing your new up to your chest before extending into a lunge. Finally, do a few laps of the court by kicking your leg straight into the air high enough to feel the stretch in your calves and thighs.

This routine will get your body prepared for the rest of the exercises in this article.

Conditioning Drills

The goal of tennis conditioning drills is to give you the stamina to last through an entire match, as well as the agility to make the movements you need to make to win each point.

Start behind the baseline and sprint to the net. Upon reaching the net backpedal as quickly as you can back to the baseline. Repeat this process for thirty seconds, then begin shuffling along the baseline as quickly as you can. Repeat this for thirty seconds.

Rest for a few moments before moving on to the next exercise. Start at the center mark and shuffle to the end of the court on your left side, and shuffle back. Then shuffle to the intersection of the service line and the doubles alley on your left side and shuffle back. Run from the center line straight to the net, and backpedal back. Repeat this process on your right side.

These drills combine to work you out and increase stamina while improving your footwork.

Strength Training Drills

Strength training is important because it will allow you to get more power behind your shots, making them harder to return. Unfortunately, these drills generally require extra equipment.

Attach one end of a resistance band to a fence, pole, or stationary object. Place a rolled up towel between your body and the arm opposite the band’s anchor. Bend the arm 90 degrees and pull the band out as far as possible. Repeat twenty times and move on to the other side,

Then anchor the middle of the band at shoulder height and stand with your back to the anchor. Pull the band out with both hands. Repeat this twenty times. These exercises will give you the strength to make powerful shots.

Conditioning and strength are essential for a good tennis player and these tennis exercises will help you improve those aspects of your game.