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To become a great tennis player it’s essential that you work on your hand eye coordination and speed and it can sometimes be for Tennis coaches to teach these skills to kids. Thankfully there are some great drills out there that are designed specifically to help children to master these skills to that they can be successful on the court.

Below you’ll find a compilation of some of the very best tennis drills for kids out there!


Tennis Drills For KidsThe hit and run drill is designed to help kits to get used to getting the ball, hitting it and then returning to a spot on the court where they can prepare for their next shot. A lot of beginner players have a hard time getting back into position once the ball has been hit to them. The hit and run drill does a great job at helping players to correct this.

The drill is performed by having the coach stand on one side of the court whilst having the player stand on the other side in the middle of their half. The drill starts by having the coach bounce a ball either in front or behind the player and the player must try to hit the ball and then return straight away to the middle starting point. Every time the ball is returned the coach should throw another ball in a different direction right away.
After performing this drill for a while the player will get used to returning to their starting point instantaneously and it will simply become habit.


Here’s a fun drill that’s designed for three kids or more.

Have the players form a circle around the coach. If the kids are totally new to tennis then they should stand closer however if they are more experienced they can stand farther away.

The drill begins by having the coach softly hit the ball to one of the players. The ball must bounce before the player hits the ball back to the coach and the ball must bounce again before returning to the coach.

The coach then proceeds to hit the ball out to random players. If the ball bounces behind the coach or outside of the circle then the player is eliminated from the drill and must sit down.

This process continues until all of the players are sitting down except for one who is declared the winner!


This drill is designed for groups of ten kids or more and is great for working on cardio.

Start by splitting the kids into two equal sides with each group on either side of the net in a line (so if you are working with a group of ten kids have 5 and 5 on either side of the net). The coach must then hit the ball to the first player in the line on either side of the net and that player must then hit the ball across to their opponent.

Every time a player hits the ball they must then immediately run to the other side as fast as they can and then stand behind the last player in the line. If a player misses a hit or hits a ball to their opponent and it lands out then they are out of the game.

When the last two players remain they must stand on either side of the net and this time whenever the coach starts the ball out the player must hit the ball to their opponent and then lay their racket down, spin it around and then pick it back up again trying to be quick enough to hit the ball back again.