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Every tennis player is a beginner at some point but one of the very best and most efficient ways for beginner players can to become great all round players on the court is by regularly practicing a variety of different tennis drills. Drills can help players to hone in on all of the skills required to play tennis and to improve them dramatically and this list of hand picked and carefully crafted tennis drills for beginners will help new players to do just that!


Tennis Drills For BeginnersHit and run is a great drill for beginner tennis players and it’s designed to help new players to improve on their speed and agility.

To perform this drill the player must be positioned in the center of the service line whilst the coach stands on the opposite side of the court. The coach then feeds a ball to the far left of the court and the player must run to hit the ball and then return to their original spot on the court. The coach then feeds a ball to the far right side of the court for the player to once again hit and then return to their original spot.

The coach then continues to feed balls to the player alternating sides each time. This will teach players to move with speed as well as the importance of quickly recovering and preparing for each shot.


This drill will help beginner players to work on both their forehand and backhand techniques and can be performed with one or more players at a time.

To perform this drill all players must be lined up horizontally along the service line and the coach should be positioned on the opposite site of the court. The coach then feeds a ball to each of the players and as they feed each ball they yell out for them to either hit a groundstroke or a volley.

Not only will this help players to work on their different strokes but it teaches them to react quickly on the court.


Here’s a tennis drill for beginners that requires three or more players who all form a circle around the coach. The coach should then softly hit the ball to one of the players and that player must then hit the ball back to the coach but only after the ball has bounced on the ground.

The coach then proceeds to hit the ball to another student that he randomly selects and once again they must wait for the ball to bounce of the ground and then hit it back to the coach.

If a player misses the ball they must then sit down on the ground and are out. The process then continues until there is only one player left who is then declared the winner.