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By regularly performing a variety of carefully crafted cardio tennis drills players can improve their stamina and overall fitness levels allowing them to win more sets and play a better game of tennis.

So to help players to work on their cardio we’ve compiled a great selection of cardiovascular drills for every type of player ranging from the absolute beginner right through to the seasoned veteran!


Cardio Tennis DrillsThe mirror drill is performed with one player standing on each side of the net at the “T” on the service line. Each player should then hold their racquets in front of them whilst standing in the ready volley position.

One of the players should then yell out where they intend to run for instance yelling out “right” whilst running to the right hand side of the court. The other player should then mirror whatever movement the first player makes. So for instance if the first player has called out “right” the second player should run to their left.
Each player should call out whilst the other player mirrors for a couple of minutes each before moving on to the next cardio drill.


In up and back players begin on the service line and then start a rally. With each alternate shot players must run forwards towards the net and then hit the ball as a volley. Once they’ve hit their volley they should then run back to the service line and the other player should then do the same.

By repeating this process players will always be moving during a rally giving players a much better cardio workout then through a regular rally.


This is an awesome cardio drill for tennis players that will work out all of their leg muscles and get their heart pumping in no time. One of the players is the feeder and has a couple of balls next to them at the baseline and the other player is the runner.

The drill begins with the feeder hitting a deep ball that bounces near the baseline and pushes the player back behind the baseline.

The feeder should then hit a drop shot just over net forcing the runner to move up closer to the net.

The feeder then goes on to hit another deep ball over the runner’s head and the runner must let the ball bounce before they go to hit it.

Next the feeder should hit a really deep ball that causes a swinging volley from the runner who should be part of the way to the net.

After this the feeder hits a ball in the air that’s easy to hit for a normal volley whilst the runner continues to move towards the net.

Finally the feeder should hit the ball sky-high which the runner must try to hit with an overhead smash having the choice as to whether they let the ball bounce or not.

Throughout the whole drill the feeder should never leave the baseline. After getting through the whole sequence the roles can be switched making the feeder the runner and the runner the feeder.