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4 Advanced Tennis Drills

Even the most seasoned tennis player can use some practice to keep their skill level high. If you want to maintain your skill and maybe learn a few tricks, try some of these tennis drills for advanced players.

MASTER Volleying

Volleying is a powerful offensive weapon and an essential skill for playing doubles. This drill is somewhat similar to horse, except that the goal is to spell the word MASTER. The court is divided into six sections: each service box, each side of the court behind the service line, and each doubles alley. Start at the T made by the lines of the service box and have someone feed a ball toward you. Run up to the net and try to land a volley in each section, in order.

This drill focuses on proper placement of volleys while on the move, making it easier for you to place shots out of your opponents’ reach.


This drill takes its name from Blackjack but holds little in common with the card game. Start on the baseline and have someone feed balls to your side of the court, in every direction possible. Chase down the shots and try to return them. For every successful return, you earn a point. Every miss deducts one point from your score. Stop once you reach twenty-one points. Aim to score twenty one points in as short a time as possible.

This drill works all of the essential skills of tennis, conditioning, footwork, accuracy, recovery, and landing shots while on the run.

Five Ball Rally

Statistics show that if you will win most rallies in which you hit five shots and this drill is designed to work that skill. Hit a ball back and forth with a partner, not trying to beat them, instead trying to keep the rally going. Once both of you have hit five shots, stop the rally and start again. Try to complete ten of these rallies, progressively increasing the strength you hit the ball with as well as the amount of moving you both have to do.

This drill is a great warm up and helps get you in the mindset of what you will need to do to win a match.

Side Pocket Contest

A side pocket shot is one that lands inside the service box, and crosses over the sideline before passing the service line. This is one of the best crosscourt shots there is because it is incredibly difficult to return unless you are properly positioned. Start on the center mark and have someone feed a ball either side so that it can be returned halfway between the service line and baseline. Try to hit a side pocket shot, and keep score of how many you hit successfully.

This drill is great for groups because you can line people up to take shots in succession and make it fun by turning it in to a contest.

Even the best tennis players need to practice to keep their skills up. These tennis drills for advanced players can help with that.