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4 Powerful Tennis Backhand Drills

A good backhand is an essential weapon in any tennis player’s arsenal. These tennis backhand drills will help you make sure your backhand is as good as Rafael Nadal’s.

Basic Backhand

This most basic of backhand drills is best for beginners who need to work on getting a good strike on the ball and keeping it on the court.

Start by feeding the ball to the trainee, who will return it at you with a backhand. Hit the ball back across the court and have the trainee hit it back towards a target. This drill helps teach accuracy on the backhand and keeps the trainee moving.

Low High Backhand

This drill is good for helping players add a bit more technique to their backhand and gets them in the mindset of altering their shots in reaction to game situations.

Have the trainee start in front of the center mark and feed balls to the backhand. Send balls so that they are either hittable close to the net or on the baseline. The trainee’s job is to hit the ball back low when they are playing close to the net and high when they are playing close to the baseline. To make the drill a bit more difficult, randomly mix shot and long balls rather than alternating. This will keep the trainee on their toes.

This drill strengthens the ability to control backhand shots and gets players in the mindset of reacting and quickly deciding on the best course of action.

Alley Rally

This is the ultimate drill for working on placement with the backhand. Line up in the doubles alley and feed the ball to the trainee. They have to return the ball to you, keeping it within the boundaries of the alley. Return it back to them, and keep going until the ball leaves the alley. The small width of the alley makes it difficult to keep the ball on target over the coursete of a longer rally and keeps players focused on aiming carefully.

This drill can be adapted to various ranges to help players work on long shots, medium range approach shots, and volleying.

Backhand Spin

Being able to add spin to a backhand can make a deadly weapon even deadlier. Start at opposite corners of the court and feed the ball to the trainee. Have them backhand the ball to you and add some slice to the shot. Continue the rally with the player hitting only slice backhands back.

Once the player feels comfortable with slice backhands, line up across from each other between the service boxes and the center mark. Feed the ball to the trainee and have them return the ball with a slicing backhand, attempting to have the ball bounce on one half of the court, and then spin over the court’s center line.

Learning to hit a good backhand is essential to being a good tennis player as it provides you with numerous ways to tackle your opponents’ shots. Try these tennis backhand drills if you think your skills need a boost.