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4 Tennis Drills For Adults

Picking up a new sport as an adult can be difficult, but it can also be a lot of fun. If you are just picking up the sport, or just want to sharpen your skills, try some of these tennis drills for adults.

Line to Line

Fitness and footwork are two of the most important things for a tennis player to have. You won’t have a chance to win if you tire out halfway through a match, and good footwork helps with saving energy and getting more power into shots.

Start on the sideline of the court and sprint halfway across the court. Sprint back, then sprint all the way across the court. Have someone hit a ball so that you can hit it once you reach the end of the court. This drill will work both your fitness and ability to make shots on the move.

Lob for Lob

This drill is designed to train players to deal with lobs, as well as to apply topspin to their own lobs, making them more difficult to return with power.

Have both participants stand on the baseline on opposite ends of the court. Start by hitting a lob to the other player as close to the baseline as possible, applying as much topspin as you can. The other player should return the shot with another lob, applying topspin as possible. Continue until one player is unable to return the ball or fails to hit a lob.

To keep things fun make the drill competitive by keeping score. This can help players stay interested and work just a little bit harder.

Attacking the Serve

Tennis is a game of errors and taking advantage of those errors is essential to winning a match. One of the most important things to exploit is a second serve, which is generally weaker and more conservative than a first serve.

Start by sending weak services to the trainee and have him try to chip the ball back and charge the net. If you want to work on net play this is a good opportunity to work on two skills at once. Also have the trainee practice powerful returns to different areas of the court. Use cones to mark the target areas and keep score, awarding points for good returns to keep the player motivated.

Attack Serve

Being on serve is a significant advantage in tennis so it is important to use that advantage to its fullest. Have the trainee make the best service they can and immediately charge to the net. Have the receiver try to return the ball, without lobbing, as best they can, then play out the point. This will help more timid players, as well as those who need to work on their net play get used to the idea of being aggressive while they are on serve.

Tennis is a great sport to pick up as adult. If you want to learn some essential skills, try these tennis drills for adults.