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4 Fun Tennis Drills

Tennis can be a great hobby for children and adults alike. It’s a fun way to get out of the house, stay active, and have a bit of friendly competition. If you’re looking for some tennis drills try some of these fun and effective ones.

Forehand and Backhand Consistency

This drill is great for improving the consistency of your aim with both the forehand and backhand. The trainee stands on one side of the court while their partner feeds balls to them at as close the same height and location as possible. The trainee must alternate between forehand and backhands and hit the ball within the boundaries of the singles court. Increasing the speed of the feeds allows you to adapt this drill to any skill level to keep it fun and challenging.

Overhead Smash Contest

This drill teaches effective overhead smashes, as well as positioning to hit balls when they are at the ideal hit. Have the trainee start behind the service line and feed a high ball to them so that they will be able to make contact with it a bit less than half way between the net and the service line. The trainee will hit an overhead smash. Award them points for a smash that lands in the court and then hits the fence enclosing the court (or reaches a predetermined distance from the court). Deduct points for each bounce after the first bounce in court. For example, a shot that lands in court and hits the fence with no more bounces is worth four points, if it bounces one extra time, award three points, and so on.

This drill is good for groups because the competitive nature will make everyone work harder at positioning properly and getting a good strike on the ball.

Lob Contest

This drill continues the contest theme by challenge players to effectively place lobs. Use cones to make rectangles in the back corners of your side of the court. Have trainees start the center mark of their baseline and feed balls to either corner of their side of the court. Have them try to lob the ball into either rectangular area. Award 1 point for a same side lob and 2 points for a crosscourt lob.

Groups enjoy this drill because of its competitive nature and how quickly it runs.

Service Tossing

An incredibly underrated portion of a good serve is the toss. Even the hardest hitting player won’t be able to make a good serve if they cannot toss the ball well. For this drill have the trainee stand in a service stance and place a bucket underneath their hand at about 2 o’ clock (10 for lefties). Have them toss the ball in the air as if they were going to serve it, but allow it to drop to the ground. Award 2 points for a ball that lands in the basket and 1 for a ball that hits the basket.

These fun tennis drils will help players of all skill levels up their game.