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3 Fun Tennis Games For Kids

Tennis is a great activity for kids because it gives them a fun way to get out the house, stay active, and to play with their friends. Try these fun tennis games for kids to get them interested in the sport.


This drill is perfect for beginners because it focuses on hitting a ball that is moving towards you, which children who are new to the game may not be able to do yet. It is also a good drill to do in a group.

Have the kids form a line on the same side of the court as you and start gently feeding balls to them. The goal of the drill is not to hit the ball over the net but simply to make good contact with the ball. If they succeed, feed them another ball, and continue feeding until they miss. Keep track of each player’s best streak if you want to make the game competitive.

Around the World

This game requires a medium sized group and is great for getting kids running and working on accurate shots. Make two even lines behind the baseline on either side of the court. Have the kid at the start of one line hit a shot into the singles court, and then run around the net and to the end of the line on the other side of the court. The person first in line on the receiving side has to return the ball, and then run to the end of the line on the side that originally served.

Continue the rally in this way until someone misses a shot. When they miss, they are eliminated. The last person left wins. This games gets really fun near the end when players have to scramble to run to the other side of the court in time to hit their next shot.

Get out of Jail

This is the perfect game for groups because it keeps everyone involved and is a lot of fun. Have the players form a line on one side of the net and feed balls to them. If they hit a ball that lands inside the singles court they are safe and go to the back of the line. If they miss, they must go to “jail.”

Players who are in jail stand on the side of the court that balls are being hit towards. Their goal is to catch the shots after they bounce one time. If they successfully catch a ball they are freed from jail and return the line while the player who hit the shot is sent to jail. This means that players hitting the shot must work on aiming effectively while players in jail still get to work on their skill at tracking shots as they are hit. When only one player remains, they must hit three successful shots in a row to win.

Tennis is a great sport for kids to learn and these fun tennis games for kids can get them excited to learn the new sport.